Boldwerks Gets Gold - Twice! (at SIA Awards)

By Chris Hislop // Published on Feb 06, 2014

As the XXII Olympic Winter games are set to commence in Sochi, Russia we here at the Boldwerks HQ are celebrating our recent recognition at the 11th Annual Service Industry Awards (SIA). We took home two gold, and two bronze awards. Not nearly the medal count that our fine United States team will net at the games, but a big victory that we’re humbled to have achieved.

(As mentioned) at the top of the heap: An advertising gold for the creative series we put together for Madison Resource Funding; and a gold for the Warwick Place logo.


Two bronzes were awarded for the design and implementation of Emuge High Performance Tools website, and the Dermatology and Skin Health advertising series.  

Certificates of merit were awarded for the Dermatology and Skin Health website and for the Co-Creative Health logo.

We’re elated to be recognized for some of the work we created last year. We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish as an organization, and for the clients we work for each and every day. As we maintain and grow those relationships and continually build up our clientele base, there’s no room for any dull moments here in the Boldwerks office. We’re in the business of challenging ourselves to create the best marketing creative that we can possibly can, which calls up worthwhile attention for the people we’re working for, as seen by these awards.

Thank you to the committee of judges at the SIA Awards, and thank you to all of our clients. Without you, these pieces of recognition would not be remotely possible.

For a list of winners and more information about the awards please visit: SIA Awards.

Good luck to all the athletes participating in this years Olympic games, and here’s to a great showing from our United States team!



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