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By Matthias Roberge // Published on Jul 26, 2011

Ever heard of Azuki Systems?

If you haven’t, you’re probably familiar with their work.

“Azuki extends and enhances internet-scale content delivery systems with adaptive delivery, advanced interactivity and other key features that facilitate rich media services on all major wireless device platforms.”

Simply put: Azuki takes the video that you want to see on your smart phone or tablet and delivers it right to the palm of your hand, no matter which platform the device operates on.

The media world is hugely impressed by what Azuki does. They do it better than anyone else in their industry. Their old web site, however, didn’t get that message across. That's why they hired Boldwerks to develop a strong new online presence that utilizes video, e-newsletters, social networking. Now, all of the tools that Azuki works with, are working for them as well.

The new site at has some great features including a homepage slider that integrates dynamic text, images and embedded video as well as javascript enabled dropdown menus.

view the live site at:


Azuki Systems


We carefully tested all the functionality of the site through multiple browsers and mobile devices, utilizing cutting-edge code and scripting to create a totally dynamic site without using any (iPhone unfriendly) Flash elements. Boldwerks also produced a short promotional video and some incredible staff photography with our close partner Lou Goodman.

As with all web sites we create, operates on a content management platform (Drupal – for those in the know) to allow the Azuki internal staff to completely manage and update the site content as needed, saving them time and money for years to come.

So the next time you're watching some videos on your iPhone, thank Azuki Systems, without them it would be nothing but a blank screen.

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