Big cheers for Azuki Systems' merger

By J.L. Stevens // Published on Mar 07, 2014

A hearty congratulations to Azuki Systems of Acton, Mass., which sold its video software maker company to global technology leader Ericsson on Feb. 6.

Boldwerks worked with Azuki to redesign its website that launched in 2011. Features included a homepage slider using dynamic text, images and embedded video as well as JavaScript enabled dropdown menus. Boldwerks delivered a website to Azuki that was eye-catching, visually compelling, and as vital as the service they provide their customers.

We have been working with Azuki ever since the launch of this site to establish its brand as the thought-leader and vital front runner of TV Anywhere delivery platforms for service providers, content owners and broadcasters.

In a Feb. 6 press Ericsson press release, Cheng Wu, CEO and co-founder of Azuki Systems, said: “Service providers, content owners and broadcasters face a range of challenges as they race to make content available on any device. Through worldwide deployments of our proven next generation video delivery solution, we have helped accelerate deployment and monetization of TV Anywhere services. Continuing this work as part of Ericsson will ensure that customers globally will have the most advanced support as they aim to deliver the best services for their subscribers.”

Boldwerks is pleased to have contributed to the marketing efforts that helped lead the company on to its next big steps.


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