Avis Goodwin Makes Some Big Moves

Avis Goodwin Makes Some Big Moves
By Matthias Roberge // Published on May 06, 2011

Well over a year ago, Boldwerks awarded our very first Goodwerks recipient "Avis Goodwin Community Health Center" with the donation of a much needed web site redesign. AGCHC is a local non-profit group, which provides high quality, affordable medical, dental, and mental health care for individuals and families throughout the region.

Since then, they have accomplished some BIG things, including:

  • A $4.9 Million grant and nationally televised commendation from President Obama  
  • The completion of a newly constructed, state of the art, $6.4 million healthcare center in Somersworth
  • And an organization-wide name change and rebrand.

They have renamed the organization Goodwin Community Health, and with the help of Boldwerks, unveiled a new logo and an updated and refreshed web site.


Goodwin Community Health


We are proud to work with such a great organization and we're also proud of the new identity and updated web site we have created for them.

The new logo incorporates a more lively color palette of contrasting greens to represent life and growth. The heart symbolizes health care and giving back to the community, while the organization's long-used leaf icon has been updated and incorporated into the design to pull all the elements together nicely for a clean and versatile brand.

Goodwin Community Health has been getting some press on their big changes, so read up to learn more about this true community resource:

Dover Chamber News Release

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Visit the Updated Goodwin Community Health Site


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