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By Alyson Beaulieu // Published on Jan 14, 2016

When it comes to the day and age that we live in, we are constantly being bombarded by a variety of messages. Whether you’re walking down the street passing a never-ending pattern of oversized billboards, or you are watching TV in between the clutter of commercials, you are constantly taking in brands and being exposed to their encrypted messages. Not only are these advertisements created to persuade, inform and entertain those that will see them, but typically, each individual ad holds its own concealed motives behind the text that we absorb. We have seen many ads during the year of 2015: the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the good, meaningful ads because we are constantly blinded by all of the brash ones.

In most cases, an ad holds a purpose. Whoever created it wanted to get a message across to a wide audience, and in turn persuade whomever that target happens to be. When Spotify has a commercial that shows a trendy, hip young girl listening to her music and having a great time, they are trying to target a similar audience and encourage them to get the app. It’s not explicitly stated, but what they are implying to the viewer is that if they download Spotify, they too will be trendy and hip, as well as have a great time whenever using the app.

The Ad Council, a private, non-profit organization produces and distributes public service campaigns. Rather than promoting or selling a product/service, they’re creating ads which improve quality of life in many ways. Their YouTube page features videos promoting anti-bullying, underage drinking and driving prevention and many other sensitive topics of discussion. On March 3 of 2015, they published a video called “Love Has No Labels.” This video, which is just over 3 minutes in length, brings attention to the biases and prejudices that still exist today under the radar. The goal of this advertisement is to bring all of these judgments to the surface, and to work on ending these predispositions that surround us all.  

Not only did they generate 55 million views thus far, but they also furthered the movement by creating a hashtag (#LoveHasNoLabels) and inviting users to post a photo or video and explain what Love Has No Labels means to them.

This creative video not only got its point across, but it also generated a huge buzz over social media platforms alike. The Love Has No Labels ad was by far one of the most powerful advertisements of 2015. What will your company do in 2016 to bring awareness to the things that matter most to you?

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