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My Workboots Are
Never Clean.

Adam “The Best” Kaufmann // Art Director

He began in the traditional ad world having a niche to bring the BIG ideas to life. Seeing the clients eyes open up with excitement when the boards start flipping is what drives him to do what he does best. Create.

“Nothing feels better than when someone sees what you have done for them and they become thrilled, eager to show the world. It’s what makes up for all the craziness this industry brings.”

With the industry in constant change and the world adapting to new ways. Adam has as well. Merging the print world with the web world Adam has adapted to his environment. Overseeing all creative that leaves the company, Adam fosters a culture of exploration and experimentation.

Working in tandem with a copywriter, he helps produce sketches, storyboards, and art layouts to nurture the creative vision of each client. His extensive work in the field is what helps him define marketing initiatives, strategic positioning, and target audience.

Above all else, Adam can identify what’s important. He puts time and effort into each client’s needs to deliver the best performance possible. Whether it’s a late night at the office, an early morning call, or a heavy dose of caffeine,  getting his hands dirty in the trenches is what he loves.

On the weekends he’s getting his hands dirty restoring his old New Englander. You may run into him at the local dump disposing of his building debris from demolition work. Whether its electric, drywall, roofing, plumbing or carpentry he finds the best way to solve the problem with his keen sense of attention to detail.

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