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Case Study

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The healthcare field has made huge strides in embracing the internet. Mind you, this is not universal. Whether it’s shortage of funding, or hesitation to realize the inherent value of the digital realm, there are those that are taking advantage, those that aren’t, and those that are exceeding their initial digital goals.

Dermatology Skin & Health in Dover is one such organization that is taking advantage, and is continually working towards the latter. Their initial want was to introduce their practice to an online audience. They were hoping to get a “Contact Us” page up so that prospective patients could dial in, or email requests and book appointments. They approached us to see if we could make that happen for them. Our answer? Of course.

“We had no foundation for who we were, what we are, and what we could offer the community,” said Laurie Seavey. “We needed to come up to times, have presence in the digital setting. We needed to increase access and visibility. We assumed people knew where we were, and they didn’t.”


Sure we could deliver a Contact Us page. That’s simple. Any shop that codes sites could have made that happen for them. What we wanted to do was expound upon their interest in investing in this digital landscape and create a presence for them that not only allowed their prospective clients to make contact, but also position Dermatology Skin & Health as an industry thought-leader. We sought to inspire. What we built for them is a robust interface that is a trend setting industry design and operative implementation. Their website is a valuable user reference portal.

“We’re very pleased with the site,” said Seavey. “The site took on a different meaning than what we thought it would initially. The site became an educational piece. We thought it was going to be a contact us page, now that’s it focused on educations, it makes more sense, and establishes us as leaders in the industry. We are never opposed to different views on things. We value Boldwerks as a marketing force, and we value how they go above and beyond to make sure we’re marketing ourselves to our fullest potential. They value our success, and thrive off of helping our business.”


Dermatology Skin & Health’s new website has provided the organization with tremendous visibility – offering patients an astounding medical resource and insight into the organizational values of the practice. They continue to grow daily, bringing in new staff, and garnering more traffic to the site daily, which is as much an educational tool as it is a piece of brand collateral. When done correctly and effectively, the two should be operating in unison. It’s in that cohesiveness that success blooms. 

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